3 hours fishing trip

3 hours fishing trip with MS Rapp

Enjoy a 3 hour private fishing trip from the harbour of Stavanger with the renowned fishing boat MS Rapp. The vessel is sponsored by Sølvkroken, a Norwegian manufacturer of fishing equipment, and contains everything you would ever need to catch delicious fish.

The crew knows where the good spots are, and have returned from every single trip with fish – so you can trust us when we say we are specialized in fishing.

PRICES: From 2-6 persons NOK 5400,- for 3 hours.

More than 6 persons is the price NOK 890,- per person.

Max 12 passengers

We will go through the “Cityfjord” out to Mekjarvik, our usual spot for short trips. Here we can catch codfish, pollock, mackerel, tusk, ling and much more.

We will seal up the catch for you in a vacuum-bag or cook it up right away if we have the capacity.

And we can assure that this boat trip will be as safe as it gets,
The crew might be some funny characters, but we are very serious about keeping everyone safe onboard.

We promise:

– Good vibes
– Slow pace
– Dedicated and motivated staff
– Local knowledge
– Stunning scenery

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