About Preikestolen

The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

Facts about The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

Preikestolen, or Prekestolen in Norwegian, is a breathtaking rock just outside of Stavanger in southwest in Norway. Preikestolen is a steep cliff towering an impressive 604 metres (1982 ft) over the Lysefjord. The mountain plateau is about 25 x 25 metres.

Preikestolen is the most visited attraction of the Stavanger Region, and one of the most spectacular photo subjects. Preikestolen has been named one of the world’s most spectacular viewing points by both CNN and Lonely Planet.

Fun fact about Preikestolen  

The Preikestolen plateau almost looks as though it has been carved out with a knife. The angular pattern of the fissure is evidently visible when looking at the plateau from above. You can easily imagine that large blocks next to Preikestolen have plummeted down into the Lysefjord. Along the entire fjord, you will find so-called “depressurisation gaps”. An example of this is the crevice in Preikestolen; when the glacier melted some 10,000 years ago, the pressure from the ice disappeared and the mountain cracked open.

The gymnastic Thomas Peter Randulff discovered Preikestolen while travelling in the Lysefjord with a steamboat. The captain of the boat pointed at the special rock formation high above the fjord, and said “this looks just like a pulpit (preikestol)!”. In this moment the goal for the gymnastic and athletic Randulff was set:He wanted to get to the top of this mountain. his was the start of the tourist traffic to Preikestolen. The Stavanger Trekking Association built the Preikestolen lodge in 1949 so that tourists would have easier access to the area. In 1961, the road up to the lodge was built.

How to see the pulpit rock (Preikestolen)

You can experience the rock by land (hiking), sea, air or combinations. See our tours for details.

Visit by Hiking

Hiking Preikestolen is the classic and for most people the best way to experience this majestic cliff. The main hiking season is April – October. The ascent is  350 m (1150 ft) and the average hiking time is 4 hours roundtrip (6 km). The hike consists of slightly hilly terrain. While the entire experience of the hike is fantastic in and of itself, you will surely be rewarded by the prime attraction on top of the plateau with an outstanding view of the magnificent Lysefjord. The weather changes quickly, especially October – April. If there is snow on the mountains, you should definitely book through us to ensure the hike is done in the safest way. We do guided tours all year round. Many visitors underestimate how hard the hike is – you should be in good physical condition to make the hike.

Visit by Sea

Preikestolen seen from the Lysefjord is also a wonderful experience. The Fjords of Norway are declared to be the finest, most unspoiled travel destinations in the world, and we believe Lysefjorden is the most beautiful of them all. Although you don’t get to experience the view from the Pulpit Rock itself, you will experience the majestic fjord and see the Pulpit Rock 604 meters above you. Usually a tour will take 3 hours in total – please see our tour section for details.

Visit by Air

We can give you an extraordinary experience flying by helicopter over Preikestolen. On this tour you will also see the beautiful Lysefjord. Trolltunga and other sights can also be included.

Combination: Land – Sea – Air

A good alternative can be to combine land, sea and/or air when you visit Preikestolen. For example, we can do fast-boat/RIB in,hike from the Lysefjord up to Preikestolen, and take a car or helicopter back home. We can do many alternatives matching your budget.